It’s all about the tofu.

Anyone who knows my eating habits will tell you that I’m not the biggest tofu fan. I have total and utter respect for the soybean in all its forms, and I use soy milk in baking on a daily basis, but I’m certainly no ‘fu junkie. Give me legumes in their unadulterated state, dry or cooked, and I’ll be your best bud, but there’s just something about the squeaky texture and distinctive tang of bean curd that rubs me the wrong way. Having said that, there are two very good reasons for a tofu-indifferent like myself to be talking about the white stuff: Tofu Guru and the Soybean Socks.

Brittany, the eponymous tofu guru, hosts a gorgeously photogenic, indie music-fuelled vegan cooking show packed to the brim with clever, cute and awesomeness. She’s got a brand new episode! Go look!

There’s been plenty of soybean love over at the Vegan Sock Knitalong on ravelry. You can feast your eyes, be regaled by tales of the progress and pitfalls, or pick up the pom-poms and cheer us on here.


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