In front of a busy blender

creamy onion dip

I recently pooled some Christmas and birthday money and invested in a decent blender, something I’d been thinking about for some time. As it is well and truly summer here, my brain buzzed with the prospect of concocting smoothies, dips and sauces for heat-free breakfasts and dinners.

First up, I made a savoury cashew cream as described by the Sexy Vegan here, without any real plans for it except to try out the new toy. In the name of science and all that. Turns out, leftover tempeh chili layered with sliced potatoes and cashew cream (seasoned with smidgens of lemon juice, wholegrain mustard, nutritional yeast, salt & pepper) make a damned fine potato bake.

But here’s what’s making me happy today: a sweet, simple onion dip. I chopped three large yellow onions and sauteed them on a gentle heat in a splash of rice bran oil (maybe a tablespoon?) until they were translucent, soft, and sweet-smelling as opposed to sulfurous. When cool, I blended them with a drained and rinsed can of cannelini beans and stirred in pinches of salt & cracked pepper. I could have cooked dry beans from scratch, I suppose, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having dip for dinner, which is most importantly minimising time in front of the stove.

There is literally nothing more to this recipe than that, and it makes the creamiest, sweetest, most addictive onion dip I’ve ever tasted. Enjoy.


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