Legend of a lunchbox

pita lunch

Just in case I wasn’t effusive enough in my last post, let me be clear: I love my tiffin. These stackable food carriers are made from recyclable, food-safe stainless steel, and according to the FAQ can be used for cooking on the stove, in the oven or over an open flame while camping. (I haven’t had an opportunity to test this last feature out yet, but it’s got to be one of the coolest things I’ve read in a lunchbox FAQ in some time.)

They come in two versions: a tall, skinny, three-tier unit and a short, wide, two-tier one. I wasn’t sure which one to get when I purchased mine (from Herbivore), and settled on the latter. After a couple of days packing both layers full of everything I thought I’d need for lunch, I discovered something about my eating habits: I like to cram in the nutrients. I love making green salads packed with vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and fruit, or naturally dense and filling salads centred around starches or grains—and I’ve found that simply using the top layer of the tiffin gives me plenty of food for lunch. The bottom layer is always good for packing snacks, treats or breakfast, but I love the simple convenience of just taking the one, easy-to-fit-in-the-fridge container to a workplace where fridge space is a valuable commodity.

The tiffins also come with a smaller ‘sidecar’ container with a tight seal for dressings or sauces, which fits inside the main compartment. I find it quite a generous size for dressing or saucing my top-tier sized lunches, but it would also be great for containing a yummy homemade dip or salsa for dipping veggies or crackers.

The containers are dishwasher safe, which is my preferred method of cleaning them, as the stainless steel is a wonderful heat conductor and can be quite ‘burnies’ for the gloveless like me when washing in the sink.

I’m getting hungry thinking about the possibilities for tomorrow’s lunch, so I’m going to head off now and chop some veggies…


4 thoughts on “Legend of a lunchbox

  1. That is really fantastic. Right now I have a lunch bag that I bring to work but I mostly use glass containers to put the food in. Or plastic if I’m making one of my huge salads. I’d like something more enviromently friendly but for right now I’m going to have to keep using what I have.

  2. tiffin’s are awesome, totally agree! I’ve got two, but my short 2-stack one is my fave too. They fit everything in just right 🙂

    and we’ve used ours on the camp stove – works a treat, in case you’re interested!

  3. I just got the three-tiered tiffin for Christmas. I love it. I like to pack small amounts of lots of different things, so the smaller layers work for me. I think of one layer as my grains and beans area, one layer is for raw veggies and fruit, and one is for some kind of sweet or salty treat. Tiffins make eating lunch SO FUN. I love unbuckling them.

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