Happy 2010!

2009 knit/ crochet highlights

2009 marked my decision to craft with exclusively non-animal yarns, which led to twelve happy months of research, experimentation, head-scratching, learning, and play. I made hats, cowls, socks, sweaters and toys. I gave away my animal fibres, searched the world for alternatives and tried everything I could get my hands on: soy, bamboo, organic cotton, recycled cotton, sock yarn, local and international handspun. I have linen, hemp and soysilk in my stash which I have plans to experiment with in 2010.

I dabbled in microbusiness for a while, selling my knit & crochet at craft fairs and on etsy, and then gave away the remainder to charities. I also began writing patterns, having them test-knit and then self-publishing them thanks to the supportive communities on ravelry.
It’s been a big year, and I’m psyched for whatever’s in store for 2010!
How was 2009 for you?


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