The way of the pie.

cherry pie and coffee

The first time I made cherry pie I was totally winging it, and used maybe a little too much liquid in the filling, which made the crust kind of soggy while the pie was still warm. After chilling in the fridge all night, things had settled down a bit and the base was solid, stable, and infused with cherryness (Yay! Pie for breakfast!).

On my second attempt (pictured here) I wanted to experiment with witholding most of the extra cherry juice and relying on the pre-soaked fruit (from a jar—I know, I’m a heathen. I don’t care! I like things that come in jars!) to provide just a little moisture but not enough for the pie base to disintegrate while warm. The result this time around is more of a cherry shortcake or slice: folds of melty, aromatic pastry with a short sharp shot of fruit in the middle. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I managed to polish off two generous slices before that coffee up there went cold.

All of this simply means I’m still experimenting and finding my pie-making feet. Any pielovers out there with suggestions?

pie crust


2 thoughts on “The way of the pie.

  1. I made cherry pie this past summer (with fresh cherries) and sprinkled cornstarch over the cherries – 2 teaspoons, I think, but I was winging it too 🙂 It jelled the juice, but didn’t prevent that oh-so-satisfying little bit of juice-leaking-into-crust …

    And pie is totally a breakfast food. It tastes much better the morning after!

  2. Lovely blog you have, too.

    I have not made cherry pie, but for apple and peach I add a couple tablespoons of flour (instead of cornstarch) to the fruit mixture and that usually makes a thick, but not too thick sauce. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for cherry, too.

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