That old fence.

butterfly mosaic

Inject a little bit of spring to your wardrobe with this quick-to-crochet butterfly hairpin.
Coming from the knitting side of the fence, I’ve written this pattern with those new to crochet in mind—which means crystal clear descriptions of the stitches and techniques involved.

I use the word ‘techniques’ loosely here, as I’m kind of self-taught when it comes to crochet. I tend to just wing it even more than usual, as crochet is in one way more forgiving than knitting: the stitches are self-contained. None of this having to worry about keeping everything on the needle, no making sure you work your way around all the stitches or cover the holes made by short rows—you can just pick up stitches wherever you feel like it, weaving in ends as you go. Gotta love that.

So if you’re scared to try crochet, please don’t be. I’ve made the butterfly clip, and the cupcake toy, available as free ravelry downloads, and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Knitting tends to be more forgiving on the human body—it drapes and curves and stretches more readily than crochet, which is awesome for anything sturdy or with inbuilt texture and structure. I’m trying to make peace with the distinction, and use each craft to complement each other rather than compete.

On the knitting front, I’ve released my two assymetrical cabled sock patterns together as a small e-book, so if you’ve purchased one of these already please contact me for a special deal on the set.


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