Missed you guys.

pineapple blueberry muffin

Now, I know these words aren’t always a dialogue—I am often talking to myself here, and I’m okay with that—but I missed this little blog. I think I missed the reflection, the excuse for me to think about what I’m doing and why—and the impetus to search for patterns: in my life, the food and craft I make, and the wider world.

Recent obsessions:
Salads! The weather has turned a corner here and it’s approaching that time of year when cold food is desirable for every meal. I’ve been experimenting with creating the perfect mayo-free potato salad, uncreamy pineapple coleslaw and nutty green salad with vinaigrette, which keeps me happy in the kitchen.


Slipped stitch colourwork, or ‘mosaic knitting’, is an oft-misunderstood branch of knitting, and has great potential for creating colourwork using plant-based yarns without adding a lot of extra bulk, as in Fair Isle or other stranded knitting. I am only just beginning to wrap my head around this technique, but you can expect a bit more of it to show up here.

What have you all been up to?


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