In praise of the Lentil Rice Ball

LRball pasta

For dinner last night I made the lentil rice balls from Vegan Lunch Box, a creative and energetic cook book packed with genius ideas and health-inspiring commentary. I’ve made this recipe only once before, months ago, on a whim—I had lentils, rice, and some time to kill—and they were a surprise hit with even the staunch omnivore of my siblings.

They’re drier than your usual patty or meat substitute when they come out of the oven, and they soak up liquid like nobody’s business (like the tomato-based pasta sauce pictured). They’re also healthy as all get out, with no fats or sugars and no simple carbs if you follow the recipe like a good vegan (I was out of wholemeal flour, so I subbed half white flour and half nutritional yeast—yum!). I think they would also make a great all-rounder patty, as you can change flavours & sauces to complement whatever else you’re eating. You can expect to see plenty of variants on the blog…

So what are you waiting for? Go buy the book and try them!


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