noble cowl

Most of the knitting I do gets given away, either to loved ones or people who could do with a bit more love—but I rarely knit for myself. The occasional hat, fingerless gloves in winter, and of course socks, but I rarely wear sweaters or other large knitwear even when I do have the patience to knit them.

Cowls, on the other hand, are my favourite thing to wear. Without the fussy ends of a scarf, cowls are practical and yet special, the perfect little take-along hug in case of a chill.
So when this arrived in my mailbox, I felt like I’d been hugged from 4,000km away.

And, as I’ll be travelling almost that distance on Wednesday (just for a few days! to see Aimee!), I’ll gladly be taking this with me to keep me cosy.
Thanks, Tash! You made my day.


5 thoughts on “Spoilt.

  1. I love cowls too! I think I need a new one for this winter. My mom is making me a beautiful new black wool peacoat and I think I’m going to need a lovely red cowl to dress it up.

  2. have a happy safe trip in silly sydney! i could use a cowl up here in the mountains. winter is relentless but refuses to deliver the snow.

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