Sock crazy

eowyn finished sock 1

Seems I’m crazy for sock knitting. Every moment I can I’m knitting socks or thinking about knitting socks, and frequently both at the same time.

That’s how this happened.
Yup, that’s another newborn sock pattern just itching to get on its feet. And heck, the deadline for test knitting my first sock pattern isn’t even up yet!

My general excitement may well be due to the exceptional testing experience I’ve received: big props and shout-outs go to Lisa of One Dropped Stitch, Sandra aka Cookey, Meagheen and Iris who have kindly offered to test knit my newest sock, carrot&stick from an open eye, Becky, Suzanne of For the loves of, and longtime genius Emily.
Big thanks also to Wiste for hosting us.

The sock is Eowyn, and the fun happens here.


2 thoughts on “Sock crazy

  1. You’re so blessed with all those great test knitters! I love the new sock.

    I do work as a knitting tech editor, if you’re ever in need.

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