You guys are my heroes.

soybean sock pair 2

Thank you lovely knitters for the overwhelming response! At last count, I’ve got twenty-five volunteers to test-knit the pattern for me.
And Cassiopeia cast on and knit a sock in less than 12 hours–that must be some kind of record!

For anyone interested in taking up the challenge, I’m still taking volunteers as long as you can commit to finishing one sock by Monday August 17th. Comment on this post, I’ll email you the pattern, and then you can head over to the ravelry thread and join in the fun!


One thought on “You guys are my heroes.

  1. Oooh! I’d love to help, but I really don’t think I could get a sock knit by August 17. Last time I tried knitting a sock at Pennsic, I dropped it to run after a baby who was going into the street, the stitches got pulled off, and it took me ages to get it back to rights. Sounds like you’ve got lots of support though!!

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