Test knitters needed.

Soybean socks

Are you a sock knitter looking for a new project?
Interested in knitting undemanding yet satisfying socks?
Prepared to work pro bono?

I feel like I’m writing a job advert here. Basically, I’ve never written a sock pattern before and would like to make sure any potential kinks are worked out before I get any frustrated emails.

Soybean socks

I won’t be able to pay you for your time or yarn, I’m afraid, as I intend to offer the pattern for free, but you’d get the cute little pattern before anyone else and rack up a bucketload of good karma!

If you’re interested, please comment below or email me at cseneque[at]gmail[dot]com.


21 thoughts on “Test knitters needed.

  1. iwould love to test knit for you i have five months maternity leave left and i am more thatnhappy to help. have been kntting for over 25 years,i am irish and in ireland we learn knitting in grade school. i am in the us now but spend 6 months a year in ireland. thankyou

  2. Those are just beautiful!! I have never test knitted anything either 🙂 but I have tons of sock yarn laying around just waiting for a beautiful pattern. I really would love to do that. Just email me and let me know.

  3. I’m not usually a fan of lacy sock patterns, but that looks understated and lovely – I’ll gladly test-knit it!

  4. I’d love to give this a go. I’m newer to sock knitting, but that looks intriguing! i’d take pictures and send back notes i took working the pattern.

  5. I have been knitting for 32 years and love the pictures of yur sock. I have a ball of yarn that is telling me that this sock is what it wants to be. I would love to knit these.

  6. I will be willing to knit this sock. I will probably use STR yarn in medium or light weight. Just let me know.

  7. It looks like you may have plenty of test knitters, but I’d love to join in and test knit it for you. Let me know. I’m on ravelry as knittinginfinity if you like to see some of the socks I’ve made.

  8. Looks like you have several offers, but I’d love to test knit these for you! I just finished my first pair of “patterned” socks after several pair of plain vanilla socks. If I’m too late, I’ll anxiously await the pattern! 🙂

  9. I love to knit socks. Let me know if you still need test knitters for your pattern. It looks beautiful!

  10. I suddenly fell in love when I saw the picture at ravelry. I have to knit these socks! Would be glad to help you out with test knitting.


  11. I love the look of this pattern. I would love to knit it and see the finished socks.

    Ravelry name: sapphyre24

  12. Your pattern is awesome! It looks like there are plenty of people interested in doing this for you. In case you need free test knitters in the future, or if any of the above people are interested in test knitting pro bono try this Ravelry Group:

    Free Pattern Testers Group

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