yellow jumper - yoke

yellow jumper - sleeve

yellow jumper - shoulder

A real, live, big-person knit.
Even if it only has three-quarter length sleeves.

This project was a saga from the get-go, all those winters ago when my little sister asked for a jumper in yellow.

I got out the tape measure, bought some yarn, and got through the torso and most of a sleeve before realising I hadn’t bought nearly enough yarn. I put things on hold and searched but couldn’t find any more of the same dyelot, so I undid all of those valiant, ill-fated cotton stitches.

I began again with a fresh batch of yarn, disheartened. This time I started with the sleeves–which were probably doomed from the first.

Then, the intended recipient lost a considerable amount of weight, going down about 2-3 sizes. This gave me a reasonable excuse to undo the sleeves and re-measure.

Then, it was spring & summer for a while.

Then, I started all over again with a great pattern from an even better book. All of a sudden I was excited to be knitting again, and powered through the entire torso and sleeve cap thinking of the possibilities.

Then, I got mired deep in sleeve-knitting hell and put aside the jumper/ sweater for a couple of months. Eventually the Perth winter started getting cold enough to prod me into finishing the garment in the only way I could: with elbow-length sleeves.


3 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. What a story! I think in the end all is well. I’m very impressed with the neckline. Well done!

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