Yes, I still knit.

first knee high sock

I’m working on finishing myself some knee-high socks, which is why I’ve been a little quiet. Fourteen inches of 2×2 rib on DPNs is a silent, soul-crushing pain in the ass. Please remind me of this when I next get it into my head to knit knee-highs.

pink cables

Brightly coloured cable hats for the grand endeavour. I’m attempting to make my peace with cables, after avoiding them for about a year. For some reason I’ve always had trouble figuring out exactly when to twist by looking at the stitches. With the more intricate cable-work you’re working row-by-row off a chart, so it’s easy to tell where you’re up to, but the plain jane ‘twist every six rounds’ thing kind of puts me off my knitting groove…or something. Anyway.

There are some very simple and clear instructions on cabling without a cable needle here, which is awesome, but I’m still hankering to get the cables over and done with. I’ve got a couple of manly, ribbed, naval-inspired beanies in mind.

Maybe not in hot pink.


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