I have this plan.

yellow 003

Guardian Pharmacies are running this ‘Guardian Angel’ knitting program, serving as a collection point for The Salvation Army who distribute knitwear to those who need it during winter. The program runs June–August, and I got thinking: I like to knit hats. Hats are warm. I’ve got eleven weeks until August 31st.

I’m going to knit as many hats as I can this winter and they will be available for a limited time on madeit and etsy. Proceeds from any hats sold will go into buying more yarn and making more hats. At the end of August I’ll donate all hats and any money raised.

One hat down!


3 thoughts on “I have this plan.

  1. awesome idea – love it!

    I didn’t realise Guardian were doing it local this year? In the past I’ve knitted for them during Winter, but the goods have been distributed overseas via World Vision.

    happy to see it operating on a local level too. Good luck with the etsy sales 🙂

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