A finished object post.

cupcake jumper

You guys are probably getting a bit sick of seeing these colours zig-zag across the blog, but this’ll be the last time, I promise.

I rarely do this–reflect on a project before beginning something new–but it’s rare that I finish a sweater/ jumper of any size, and it’s nice to see something other than an accessory grace my ravelry projects page.

I don’t know if I’ll be rushing into many more of the same, however, since I’ve been thinking of doing some charity knitting for winter and my thoughts tend towards quick knits–beanies, scarves, mitts–for keeping extremities nice and toasty.

And then, there’s always socks: I’ve been wearing long boots to work lately, and some handknit knee-highs would go down a treat.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, however, the story must be quite different. What summer projects are you planning?


2 thoughts on “A finished object post.

  1. I was going to say … thinking about knitting a sweater right now makes me sweat, though I’m already sweating thanks to this 100º weather. (No joke, Austin weather forecast calls for the 100s for the entire month, no rain, no overcast days.) But now that I said that I am remembering that I’m working on a cardigan (Lemongrass Bolero). I really want to finish it; I ran out of yarn and it sat in my WIP basket for a few months.

    The colors of this make me SO happy. Love it.

  2. Love the sweater, it’s so bright! I am working on a lace shawl and some short summery socks right now. It’s actually still pretty cold where I am in Canada. The full summer effect hasn’t hit yet.

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