The thrifty vegan

I’ve been seeing this claim on bus shelter ads for about a week now, along with some lacklustre photos of meatballs.
And I thought hell, I can do better than that: if it costs $10 to feed a family of 4 a few blobs of animal flesh, I can definitely do better.

The Thrifty Vegan’s Beet Curry

This earthy, warming dish is a lush velvety red colour and chock-full of bulbs, roots, legumes, dark leafy greens and wholegrains.

750g 4-bean mix: $2.60
810g crushed tomatoes: $2.59
300g baby brussel sprouts: $1.19
0.24kg brown onion: $0.71
0.31kg sweet potato: $1.23
Beets (bunch of 4): $3.98
1kg brown rice: $3.25

From the pantry:
splash olive oil
1 t minced garlic
2 t lemon juice
2 T curry powder
2 cinnamon sticks
2 t vegetable stock

Total (feeds 10): $15.55, or
$6.22 to feed a family of 4.


One thought on “The thrifty vegan

  1. Wow, yum! Many Indian dishes are cheap and easy to make. I make Aloo Gobi all the time. Super easy. If you don’t include the spices it only costs, like, $5 to make and will feed four easily.

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