crochet chunky cowl retrospective 09

Autumn is my very favourite season: I love the layering, the bright white skies, and the ever-lingering possibility of soup.

After a devastating and tragic summer that seemed like it would never end, the weather is finally starting to cool. It rained this morning and I’ve been stocking up on homemade soup (which I love–seeing containers full of smoky split-pea soup in the fridge makes me happy).
I’ve got sweaters on the brain and new cowls in the shop, targeted more towards us southern hemispherists than those of you heading into spring.

I’d like to share a little of my autumnal buzz with you. Leave a comment on this post telling me which season is your favourite and why, and the delectable sock yarn pictured above could be yours. Entries close Wed 1st April.

Yarn: ‘The Man in Black’ Princess Bride colourway from Knit It Up
Materials: 100% Superwash Merino Wool
Weight: Fingering
Yardage: 390 yards


6 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Oooooh, beautiful colors in that yarn! The aubergine shade is my favorite. Let’s see, I am pretty sure that fall is the time of year I enjoy most. It must be the colors of the leaves, the crisp air, apples, and the start of lots of cozy meals to keep warm.

  2. I am definitely an autumn gal. I live in an area with 4 VERY distinct seasons. Summer is sickly hot and humid. Winter is freezing cold with piles of snow. Spring is SO dirty with the melted snow and mud from the roads.
    Autumn is just pure beauty. The most vibrant colors that only nature can make, the perfect temperature, and I get to take out all of my fave scarves and hats!

  3. Definitely winter, then I get to wear all the handknits I’ve been making for the past few months. Unfortunately it doesn’t get quite cold enough here for my liking, so this year I think a getaway to the snow might be in order 😀

  4. Autumn. March is my birthday month so that’s one good reason. Another is the clear blue skies and sunny days without the burning heat of summer. People are out and about, smiling, relaxed and just enjoying life. The evening air is crisper and fresh on your face and there is the anticipation of the cosiness of winter fires and of bushwalks in the mountains. Autumn just makes me feel good.

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