For Rosies

What motivated me to start an etsy shop? A few tendencies of mine could help explain it:

For me, the urge to do something creative is deeply ingrained–it’s a longstanding part of me; it’s why I craft, write and cook. I like to make something new, create something that’s not quite the same as anything that’s gone before.

I also appreciate the creative works of others: I am frequently moved–to tears, to thought or to action–by well-crafted cinema, literature or music. I was an etsy buyer long before I became a seller.

The experiences of selling on etsy that have stayed with me have been the custom orders or otherwise greatly communicative transactions: when you make something that becomes treasured by another, that’s when the object and the craft comes alive.

So, unbeknowst to myself, I started an etsy shop because
(a) I love to make new things,
(b) I crave recognition and appreciation for my craft, and
(c) I want to connect with others through the making of things by hand.

I am currently offering in my shop four items of warmth and comfort that I will be donating to Rosies Street Outreach if they are still unsold on March 26th. This initiative comes from a trait I’ve recently recognised in myself: I love to give. Like, seriously, ridiculously love it. It makes me over-the-moon happy to make things for those who need it.

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided to do it regularly. I will create and list things available in my etsy shop for a limited time, and then periodically give them away before they start gathering dust. Any money earnt will go towards yarn ad keeping the process going.

If you like the idea, think I’m nuts or know of a worthy cause, please comment! I don’t bite, and if you comment I’ll think you’re awesome.


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