Another day made.

I had seen this meme popping up on a few knitblogs around the place, and thought it was such a sweet idea. It has been a great way of introducing me to new bloggers and kindred spirits. So, who’s ready for a few more?

First off, thanks so much to the barefoot rooster for nominating me! Her blog oozes warmth and creativity, and makes me want to get a dog.

Kgirlknits. Kylie–a fellow Australian–is generous, articulate, and pretty darn cluey. Also, she worked hellish retail shifts the thought of which make me feel faint, and lived to tell the tale.

By Elin. Elin is a total cutie. I found her blog through ravelry, after spying on some of her seriously gorgeous projects. I mean come on! Another Aussie too. Props.

Pieces of string too small to save. Gwen Erin is a real sweetheart, and was my first real blog-buddy. She dyes and spins, and makes me want to learn too.

Knit and tonic. Wendy is awesome. Her tales of knitting and urban humiliation crack me up every time. The woman has a gift.

Rainy day goods. Mary-Heather has a great sense of style, and I find myself wanting to make everything she does. Also, her taste in specs totally rocks.

Knitting school dropout. Melissa is the hippest, coolest knitter I’ve never met. She rocks my boat. And she designed the awesome Stella’s hat. What more do you need?

Berlin’s whimsy. Amber is so wise and thoughtful, an absolute inspiration. And her lunches look amazing!

Mary Jane, Midge and Mink. Mary Jane designs the most wonderful fair-isle projects and makes it look easy. Such a treat.

Coiled. Kat is a real artist. She lives with such exuberance and generosity, and her son Felix is such a cutie.

Guys, thanks so much for doing what you do. Yay for knitblogs! We’ve got something sweet here, we really do.


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