Home stretch.

December 2nd

This has been my big Christmas project of 2007, a secret throw rug for the boyfriend. I started knitting in October, fresh from the birthday rush and glowingly optimistic about the worthiness of the handknit gift.

I am still a big believer in the worthiness of the handknit gift, don’t get me wrong. I have always loved to give, and pride myself on giving good presents. I think knitting for someone involves so much thought and consideration about the recipient that it can’t help but be a great gift–and great for the relationship if all that effort is appreciated.

That said, there are things that I dread about this project. I have done most of the knitting now, and am on the home stretch: only two more sets of chevron repeats, border, blocking, and somewhere in there the weaving in of ends. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (or so I’ve heard), and when I finish the weaving-in-ends of this project I will surely be a much stronger person than when I began it.

And when it’s all done, it’ll seem simple: if he likes it I will be a very happy girl.


6 thoughts on “Home stretch.

  1. absolutly gorgeous. Im sure he will love it and what dedication. I started a crochet throw for my man a year ago and it still only about 30cms long, but then I like the simple quick things like socks and jumpers for him lol, maybe I will finiah it before winter when he complains my throw on the lounge is too small for him. I dont know what hes complaining about its perfect foe me haha.

  2. It is beautiful. What a lucky man. But Oh my, those ends….all kinds of hallucinations ensue during that task, in a daze, a weaving-in trance…visited by aliens even.

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