Limericks for the sick.

Lest my posts become too prosaic
let me show you my knit mosaic:
it’s for a teapot,
to keep the tea hot.
Is knitting tea cosies archaic?

My secret pal for an Australian tea cosy swap on Ravelry just went out and bought herself a new teapot. I am of the belief that no teapot should remain bare while there are knitters around, so this mod-looking piece of knitting will be a cosy for her.

However, I am stuck at home with a mean headcold today, and perhaps illness and knitting should not go together: this is how I began seaming in my befuddled state.

Instead of sewing right-front to right-back like I intended, I somehow managed to sew right-front and left-front together to form a little tube.
Hooray! Think I’d best be off to bed.


One thought on “Limericks for the sick.

  1. good luck getting it seamed up the right way – hope the head cold clears soon (seems very unfair to get a cold this close to Summer, i always feel!)isn’t the tea cosy swap a fun thing to do? I can’t wait to send mine off (and get one in return!)Thanks for the birthday wishes, too 😉

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