And so, to begin.

Beginning a blog, like any new venture, is a little daunting. I feel like I’m throwing a high-school party: will anyone come? Will the cool kids tell their friends to come? Do I have enough snacks?
Speaking of snacks, I’ve been knitting a few of these old-school hanging towels for Christmas presents and they’re pretty bite-sized: you can knit one in an evening, tops.


2 thoughts on “And so, to begin.

  1. hee hee, “do I have enough snacks?”!!i remember this when I started my blog, that feeling of “is anyone out there reading this?”my advice is get out there and start commenting on blogs that catch you eye, or have a similar feel to your own, and before you know it – ta-da!if you build it they will come!good luck – see you round the traps!

  2. Damn, I found these far too late to make for this Christmas, but I can be really early for next year!! They are great!!!

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